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The Olde English Consortium (OEC) is a 501-C-3, non-profit, educational collaborative seeking to promote excellence in education through collaboration. Founded in 1976 as CYLUC-W, the consortium serves the North Central region of South Carolina, one of the most diverse collaborative in the southeast United States. The name Olde English refers to the early settlement by the English in the mid 1700's and to the numerous Revolutionary War battles fought there. A goal of the Olde English Consortium - or OEC - is to bring all stakeholders together to improve education, economic development, and the quality of life in the region and throughout the state. The OEC desires to maximize the efficiency of federal, state, & local tax dollars by pooling local resources to increase efficiency & collaborative buying power and resources. 

October 13, 2014: The Olde English Consortium is excited to announce the details for next Fall's OEC Professional Development Conferences for Singleton-area Educators! On October 13, 2014, the OEC will host Seven Conferences... in Seven Different Cities... all on the same day! 

For too long in South Carolina, we've believed that the only way to offer top-quality professional development to educators was to fly in big-money-"experts" from NY or LA... who will fly in... talk to folks for a few hours... and fly away. But the answers to our problems aren't found in California or New York. There is an educator right down the road... in a school just like yours... teaching kids just like yours... and they are doing something that works! But educators never get a chance to learn from one another. But on Monday, October 13, 2014... the OEC is hosting a conference designed & delivered BY OEC Educators... FOR OEC Educators! And while each district regularly offers special professional development for its core subject teachers, THIS day is set aside for those "Singleton-area" educators... folks who are the only _____ in their building: Assistant Principals, ESOL Educators, Fine Arts Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Library/Media Specialists, Physical Education Teachers, and World Language Teachers. Please see the flier below for locations... and click on the link to the left (under Professional Development) for specific "Conference Agendas" for each conference.

Excellence in Educaction thru Collaboration. Get excited about what's coming this Fall... right here in the OEC!

Click the link below to see our SEVEN Professional Development Conference Agendas: (final)


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