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In 2015-16, all OEC teachers will be required to write a Student Learning Objective (SLO) to submit to their principal for approval - as a part of their evaluation. Realizing this massive, new burden on OEC educators, the Olde English Consortium spent the past year - asking teams of educators in each area to work together (across 9 OEC-member-districts) to create sample SLOs - which teachers can use next year, as they write their own.

In 2014-15, the OEC school district Assistant Superintendents for Curriculum & Instruction faciltated the collabroative writing of sample Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) for all grade levels. Teams were formed (at least one rep, per nine OEC school Districts)... and committees met to discuss assessments, teacher evaluation, and craft sample SLOs for their respective areas. In May 2015, each group of specific-content teachers submitted their group sample SLO to the OEC. Below are the SLOs submitted for each area:

Committee Documents:




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