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Educator Recruitment, Induction, and Retention

The OEC ERIR committee regularly shares and collaborates in the areas of recruitment, induction, and retention of consortium area educators. Examples of this collaboration include, but are not limited to needed graduate courses for Middle-Level teachers needing to add on Middle-Level Certification and the continued offering of regular Critical Needs or PACE graduate courses for member teachers. Finally, the committee discusses issues facing member district human resource departments such as the regular examination of staff allotment and ways to conserve both staff and district resources.

Goals of the Committee:

  • Regular conversations regarding collaboration in the areas of recruitment, induction, and retention of school district personnel.
  • Address certification needs and requirements of member distrits (i.e. Middle Level Highly Qualified or PACE, Critical Needs teachers)
  • Discuss and colaborate regarding ADEPT, mentoring, trainings, requirements, etc.
  • Discuss the possibilities of the OEC hosting regional mentor training.
  • Share information regarding recruitment agencies.


On November 28th, the OEC will host a Teacher Recruitment Fair... (details below). Please come... and help us spread the word! 

Committee Documents:


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