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 Teacher Leadership

The purpose of the OEC Teacher Leadership Committee (TLC) is to provide a venue for the continuous development of teacher leadership and collaboration. Committee goals include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) Develop a structure & forum for a true Teacher Forum & the sharing of such strategies across district lines; and (2)Develop, nurture, and inform a grassroots advocacy initiative (under the leadership of the OEC Board of Directors)...better informing our education and stakeholder communities...moving toward advocacy. In the past, the OEC:TLC provided networking and collaboration opportunities to meet the needs of school district Teachers of the Year (across all OEC districts). Further, the TLC developed an action plan designed toprovide a venue for the continuous development of teacher leadership and to develop pro-active advocacy proposals, from teachers, on such critical policy objectives as the need for Comprehensive Tax Reform.

Committee Documents:

 Committee Members 

Name Email District School Name
Ms. Cherokee  
Ms. Chester  
Ms. Clover  
Ms. Fairfield  
Ms. York  
Ms. York  



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